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XL2-115 Custom Pre-Inked Rubber Stamp

XL2-115 Custom Pre-Inked Rubber Stamp

SKU: XL2-115
Your Price $25.20

MaxLight XL2-115 Custom Pre Inked Rubber Stamp

Forget about having to write things like return addresses, company name or paperwork routing over and over again. Instead, stamp it with the MaxLight XL2-115 custom pre-inked rubber stamp and save time and money. This pre-inked stamp makes a clear, laser-like impression with each press and is an effortless way to write the same thing several times a day, day after day. Each stamp comes pre-inked with oil-based ink that is expected to give at least 16,000 initial impressions before it needs re-inking. There are no messy ink pads to worry about.

The MaxLight XL2-115 rubber stamp is constructed of a durable plastic that is ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in your hand and give a solid, confident grip for each impression. The oil-based ink produces a high quality impression that is suited for images and logos as well as messages. Rayco Marking Products makes each pre-inked rubber stamp in its shop in Geneva, IL.

  • Upload your custom message, logo or artwork on our website

  • Ink colors available: black, blue, red green and purple

  • Print area is 11/16” x 1-15/16”

  • Up to four lines of custom text available

  • Ink lasts for about 16,000 impressions before re-inking

  • Stamp can be re-inked indefinitely

  • Solid, comfortable plastic casing

  • Custom made in Geneva, IL


       Up to 4 Lines of Custom Text.

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