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Xl2-720 Pre-Inked Rubber Stamp

Xl2-720 Pre-Inked Rubber Stamp

SKU: XL2-720
Your Price $47.92

MaxLight XL2-720 Custom Pre Inked Rubber Stamp

Let your marketing materials and stationary standout using the MaxLight XL2-720 custom pre-inked rubber stamp. Ideal for business logos and stationary head, the precision quality of this pre-inked rubber stamp will give you flexibility along with printing cost savings. With the oil-based ink in this stamp, you can expect about 16,000 initial impressions before the stamp needs re-inking. There are no messy ink pads to bother with, and the stamp can be re-inked indefinitely, saving you even more money.

The MaxLight XL2-720 pre-inked rubber stamp is built out of high quality plastic, ergonomically molded for a comfortable, confident grip to deliver a clear, laser-like impression with each press. The oil-based ink produces a high quality stamp and is an ideal choice for images and logos. Rayco Marking Products makes each pre-inked rubber stamp in its shop in Geneva, IL.

  • Upload your custom message, logo or artwork on our website

  • Ink colors available: black, blue, red green and purple

  • Print area is 1” x 4”

  • Up to six lines of custom text available

  • Ink lasts for about 16,000 impressions before re-inking

  • Stamp can be re-inked indefinitely

  • Solid, comfortable plastic casing
  • Custom made in Geneva, IL

        Up to 6 Lines of Custom Text.

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